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Power Spray

This is the first step towards controlling pests at your property. We use top of the line equipment combined with state of the art products to put down a barrier of protection around your property. Our powered sprayers produce a high pressure spray that penetrates into the cracks and crevices along the foundation of your house, forming a wall of protection keeping pests out of your home and away from your family. This high pressure spray is combined with products that are designed to not only kill the bug that contacts this barrier but also eradicate the entire nest.

**Prime Pest Control uses only children and pet safe products**

Inside Treatment and Wall Injections

Most companies will treat the baseboards inside the home and the garage. We are no different in that aspect. What we do include in our service that is unique and a step above the competition is called a wall injection. As insects explore outside, they get into the water and power boxes and follow the pipes and power lines into the home. This is why many homeowners first see pests in the kitchen and bathroom areas. By only spraying the baseboards, the pests are merely getting trapped inside the walls. Prime Pest Control will go under all kitchen and bathroom sinks and inject a powder, inside the walls, to flush out any lone insects or infestations.

Web / Eve Sweep

Have you ever seen a company service a home and leave the property with the house still covered in spider webs? We have! Our service aims to ensure that the home is not only defended against pest activity, but also getting rid of the signs of pests. We do this to help give you the cleanest looking home possible. Each time we treat your home; our trained technicians will walk around the home with a large extendable broom and sweep away any webs. By taking time to walk around the home with each service, our technicians make notes and follow up on subsequent services. If our technicians notice problems in the same areas during services, we can make educated decisions on how to eliminate the issues.

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Professional Technicians

Even the best products can do very little if not applied properly. Our technicians are well-trained, licensed and insured. They are courteous and professional. Our techs arrive on-time, will contact you when they arrive and when they have completed your service. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and maintain excellent customer service. Please feel free to ask them about any pests or concerns you may have.

Money Back Guarantee

Prime Pest Control is proud to be the only company in the area with a money back guarantee. This guarantee is unique in the pest control industry. Most companies will offer a guarantee with their
service that includes unlimited re-treatments. That doesn’t mean a lot if you are still paying for a one year contract and you still have pests in your home. Only Prime Pest Control offers a Money Back
Guarantee. That is just how confident we are in our 5 Star Service. We put our money where our mouth is!


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